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Almendranada – Carlos Lopez

Translated from the Spanish by Kiran Bhat (Originally published by La Tinta de Alcatraz as part of the series La Hoja Murmurante in Spanish, 2017) It was on the black-winged butterflysettled in a corner of my room,crossing the...

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Gestures Of The Latin American Poetry – Kenia Cano

Born in Mexico City in 1972, Kenia Cano lives in Cuernavaca. Some of her poetry books are Prayer of birds, The birds of this day (Carlos Pellicer Ibero-American Poetry Prize); An animal for the eyes and Diary of uncomfortable poems, the latter published by the Editorial Fund of the Autonomous University of Querétaro in 2017.

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Poems by Mario Meléndez

Mario Meléndez (Linares, Chile, 1971). His books include: Notes for a legend, Underground flight, The paper circus, Death has its days numbered, Waiting for Perec and The magician of loneliness.

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Ikaro Valderrama

Íkaro Valderrama Ortiz is a singer, writer, philosopher, editor, and producer born in Sogamoso, Colombia. His musical and literary work is influenced mainly by his experiences and learning in Siberia, by poetry and social song. Poems are translated by Colombian translator Santiago Ospina Celis.

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