The Antonym Magazine Submission Guidelines

The Antonym is focused on literature from all global languages. We accept original translations into English from any languages for the following categories:

The Antonym Magazine Submission Categories
Fiction in translation

While there are no length restrictions, longer manuscripts (3500 words or above) or “flash fiction” manuscripts (500 words or less) must be truly exceptional to be published. We are only looking for translated fictions at this point. Send the original along with author approval.

Poetry in translation

Send up to five poems (in a single document) per submission.
We are only looking for translated poems at this point. Send the original along with author approval.


We accept literary essays related to translation or in-depth analysis of a poet or writer’s work whose work has been mostly in languages other than in English . Length restriction of 3000 words apply.
We also accept translated nonfictions. For translated work send us the original along with author approval.
In addition, we also accept interviews of writers/poets from different global languages. Such interviews can be in English or translated into English.


We seek detailed book reviews; word limit is 1000-2500 words. We can also accept book reviews as podcast. We are only carrying reviews of translated books going forward.
In addition, you can also submit request for reviews of translated books. In such requests, please provide softcopy of the book for our reviewers to take up.

General Guidelines

We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere (this includes all Web sites, sharing the content in audiovisual medias and personal blogs) unless we have specifically invited such writings.

Formatting Your Manuscript

All manuscripts should be in 12-point type, with at least one-inch margins, and sequentially numbered pages. Fiction and nonfiction should be double-spaced. Poetry should be single-spaced. The author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address should be typed at the top of the first page. Contributors are requested to include a brief biographical note and a photo with their submissions.
File name should have Title of the content.

Spelling and Grammar

The Antonym prefers American usage/grammar/spelling. If a writer uses current British English and there is a clear reason for the use , that can be considered though. In that case the writer should mention the same while submitting.
If required, the editors can ask the writer to have the content edited/corrected and send it back with corrections.
As for deliberately using wrong spelling in poetry, there should be a stylistic or logical reason for purposefully doing that. The writer should mention the same while submitting.


General Submissions may be sent to us at any time, year-round. For each Front and Center topic , there is individual deadlines.

Simultaneous Submissions

We accept simultaneous submissions. We want writers to have every possible opportunity for success, so we’re willing to risk losing a story we want when someone at another magazine may have done their reading before we have, and in that case we’ll be sorry to lose the piece but happy for the writer. We expect the writer to immediately inform us if their piece is already accepted somewhere else. However if we have selected your content and informed you, we would not expect your withdrawal. If that happens, any future submission may not be considered.

Response Time

It may take upto three months for selecting a submission. You will be able to see the progress of your submissions through your submittable account. You will receive mail from us on receipt, acceptance or denial.

Please submit at [email protected]

with the subject header – Submission: [Title] by [Author’s Name] and [Translator’s Name]