Riding the Murchang Notes: Rendezvous with Folk Poet, Musician and Spiritualist Ikaro Valderrama

Sep 3, 2021 | Colloquy, Front And Center | 0 comments

Íkaro Valderrama Ortiz (Sogamoso, Colombia, July 17, 1984) is a singer, writer, philosopher, editor, and producer born in Sogamoso, Colombia. His musical and literary work is influenced mainly by his experiences and learning in Siberia, by poetry and social song. As a singer-songwriter, he is noted for the use of the Siberian throat-singing (khai, uzlyau, xöömej) and the kotodama. Electric guitar and Siberian instruments accompany him in his presentations. Founding member of Tash-Obaa, a music duet from Khakassia.  His anthology Cuentos de minicuentos undoubtedly establishes Ikaro Valderrama as one of the masters of the short genre in recent Colombian literature.

Modhura Banerjee from The Antonym in a free flowing interview with Ikaro delved deep into his body of works – poetry and music and its deep connection with his philosophical view of the world and life in general.

Here is the link to Ikaro Valderrama’s poems featured in The Antonym’s May issue.

Apart from being an Assistant Professor in English and Research Scholar of Cultural Studies, Modhura Banerjee is an avid reader, professional Travel blogger and artist. She likes exploring various indigenous art forms and narratives, also tries experimenting with them so that they still find relevance and continuity.


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