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What AI tools make you think about translation, is probably not enough when the text in question is a literary piece. Think of literary translation as the holy grail of the craft of translation where creativity meets loyalty–languages bend and push into each other’s territory in search of essence and excellence. To translate one literary text into another, AI doesn’t suffice. It takes people with multilingual flair, sharp creative-perceptive minds to scale the depths and layers of the original  to produce the right kind of translation. For each text and language, strategies are drawn anew. It’s daunting. We love it! 

Thanks to our brilliant cohort of translators, editors, mentors and readers, we have so far translated and published literary gems from Bengali, Hindi, English, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, French, Italian and Spanish and are working on many more. 

If you wish to see your work reach a wider audience, connect with us. 


Antonym Collection works with all genres, be it literary – poetry, non-fiction, short fiction, novels or science fiction, thrillers, fantasy as well as children’s book in translation. We accept strong writings of all kinds — literary and popular fictions, works of non fiction and hybrid including personal essays and memoir, poetry, chapbooks and also graphic and illustrated works for young readers. We prioritize texts that has translation potential. If you feel your manuscript sits right with our vision, let’s talk.


Our magazine features works from more than 40 languages from across the world.  And our current bookshelf holds books translated from Bengali, Hindi, Assamese, Tamil, Spanish, French and Italian. We are expanding everyday.


Our translators community is thriving and ever expanding. We are always adding depth in our skill sets through translation workshops, residency and building a passionate translation community. Above all we have a set of translator-editors who work closely with translators, after all good translation needs more than one pair of eyes to get the best results.

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Frequently Asked Question

What translation services do you offer?
We are into literary translation across genres – Poetry, fiction, non-fiction. Our Red Herring imprint translates from Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thrillers whereas Jilipi translates children’s books. Moving Words imprint into poetry, fiction and everything literary.
What is the process to get my work translated?

Provide your details in the form provided. Based on those details, respective editorial team will get in touch with you to take the project forward.

Can I bring already translated work to you to take it forward?

Yes, you can. Our editorial team will look into the translation quality and decide how to go forward.