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Tag: Bengali Poem

Knife and Other Poems – Kumares Chakraborty

Translated from the Bengali by Boudhayan Mukherjee Knife Prestigious service with lucrative salary, Substantial pension after retirement, Costly car, luxurious house… furniture… Children well established in England-America,...

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Birth of God – Monalisha Chattopadhyay

Translated from the Bengali by Boudhayan Mukherjee Nobody knows me.So I sacrificed my head.I severed it from my torso and told myself,Now drink the blood from my cut-off head. When God arrived, He placed itOn the neck of a human...

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Train and other poems – Farid Kabir

Translated from the Bengali by Moulinath Goswami   Train The train dropped us mid-wayat an unknown station Is it The Destination, where people want to travel?Or is it, where they get down?Does destination seek its own kind of a...

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Aysa Jhorna

Translated from the Bengali by Rajat Chaudhuri Ominous Owl Hasn’t been possible in all this time to get curedof sorrow and moonless nightsYour association’s suspect.In a single life, how much longer can one keepbuilding shelters...

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Nirmalendu Goon

The Comparative Hand Wherever you touch me therein dwells my body Wherever you let loose your coiffure and to the earth your hair-washed waters you offer I stretch my palms to receive, I return home carrying with me my own self...

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