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Just how it takes a village to raise a child, we believe, to bring a perfect book into the world and to its deserving readers, it takes the support and skill of many more than just the author.
After you pour your words out, the most crucial leg of the journey begins for your manuscript. It is  now time for it to make rounds of the many  magic mirrors–the editor’s lens, the copy editor’s scrupulous gaze, the designer, artist, printer, distributor and more.
Feels like a lot? It is. But that is why you are here. To let us be “the village” to raise your book.
And mind you, we are indeed a village and not a city–we are a close knit community of passionate editors, highly skilled copyeditors, designers and artists who would help you at every step–from tackling dilemmas of linguistic choices ( “Is this the right word?!”), to catch the comma splices and hanging phrases lurking about to make the copy error free and flawless, design  the  cover that reveals just enough soul of what’s inside to intrigue your future reader… In short–  to bring your book to its best self.
So, it is time. Send us your work-proposal and sample pages for review and a conversation. 

Good luck! 

Editing & Proofreading

Our editors will work with you to shape  your content and make it powerful. We will ensure that your manuscript is error-free, polished, and impactful with our expert book editing and proofreading services.


Get a beautifully designed book in a format that’s ready for print and online publishing with our book typesetting services. For every file type, our book designers expertly arrange the layout of the text, images, and other content elements.

Cover design

A book cover needs to speak to a potential reader. We design every book based on its genre and target reader segment. Get our skilled book cover designers to create an attractive and unique cover—including the front, back, and spine—that elicits the readers’ curiosity.


We take special care to make the book worthy of its content. From paperback or hardbound to color or black-and-white, we follow the highest standard.


We ensure books are distributed physically through stores, bookfairs and festivals within India. For global distribution, our distribution is through Amazon KDP in both paper and digital format.


Promotion of a book is an essential element to make a book successful. Our promotion will be both online and offline. We will promote books through release event, author interview, social media presence and reviews ( print, video, podcast).

Frequently Asked Question

What publishing services do you offer?
Our end to end services include editing, proofreading, book designing and cover design services, ISBN registration, book distribution, and more.
Who will work on my book?

Antonym Collection publishes books under five different imprints – Moving Words ( Literary), Red Herring ( Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thrillers), YA (Young adults) Jilipi ( Children’s books) and Rakta Karabi (in Bengali). Once we accept a book, respective editorial team will take care of  book editing to post-publishing support.

I'd like to publish with you. Do you offer a free sample?

Look at out book shelf at This should give you an idea about the books that we produce. 


What types of books do your professionals specialize in?
Antonym Collection publishes books under five different imprints – Moving Words ( Literary – fiction, non-fiction, poetry), Red Herring ( Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thrillers), YA (Young adults) Jilipi ( Children’s books) and Rakta Karabi (in Bengali). So the range is quite diverse.

How do we start?
You can send your inquiry by providing your details in the form. After we go through the details, we would request you to reply with your draft as an attachment. If we accept your manuscript, the designated editor will start working with you.
What kind of file formats do you accept?

We work with document formats of every type, including .docx and .doc (MS Word documents), .odt (Open Document Text files), .txt files, .pdf (Adobe Acrobat documents) and others

Will my documents be kept confidential and secure?

You retain full copyright control and credit for your documents. Antonym Collection never collects or shares your information.

If I am not satisfied with the outcome, can I withdraw my manuscript?

Yes! In the rare event that you are not satisfied with what we design, we will go by the contractual agreement and take necessary recourse.