One Legged_ANTONYMTunu wasn’t scared. But at that moment, his chest thrummed unevenly. How was he able to move fearlessly before…Did the palm tree bend behind to graze his neck? If he started to run, he knew heavy footsteps will come after. Clenching his teeth, he treaded softly—he was there, almost… just a few steps more…


Translated from the Bengali by
Rituparna Mukherjee

Tales of far & beyond_ANTONYMIn every place in
Milky way
There’s the fest of
Landing day
When men look in
The starry high
And sing a song to the
Deep dark sky—

Illustrated by


Leap Seccond_ANTONYMA Second: a moment of life and yet transcending it.”
Indira Dangi’s stories explore the perceived realities of our lived experience, especially the way we navigate our lives through the present time, our interactions with nature, the singularities of a gendered existence — the many snippets that frame the contemporary Indian life, and how, despite ordinariness, often transcend the mundaneness.

Translated from the Hindi
Edited by Rituparna Mukherjee


ছোট্ট মেয়ে কাঞ্চনার মাথার ভেতরে থাকে এক জিনপরি, নাম এলিমেলি! ইশকুল, বাড়ি, ডাক্তারবাবু, সব্বাই হয়রান! দুই বন্ধুর দুষ্টুমিতে যত মজা, তত মুশকিল!


লরা ক্যাম্বো অনুবাদঃ যশোধরা রায়চৌধুরী

শিল্পীঃ প্রৈতি রায়

The Mayna Bird_ANTONYM“He had realised that man walked endlessly on a tightrope – at one end of which lay truth, with falsehood on the other. He had realised that constructing the truth according to the situation was what clever folk did.”
Deftly translated, the twelve stories of this Anthology explore Shahaduz Zaman’s keen insight into the myriad aspects of Bengali consciousness, of walking the tightrope of life, the possibility of morality, humanity, goodness in face of the chafing forces of modernity, war, greed corruption.
Which end of that tightrope do most of us reach?


Translated from the Bengali by
V. Ramaswamy and Noora Shamsi Bahar

Years Best_ANTONYMThe stories collected in this volume of The Year’s Best Bengali Fiction were all written in 2022 and were translated into English over the next year. These works of fiction are aware of their times as they throw light on the edges and depths of our communities and characters. In these troubled times, when it seems often that a lot of the ears have gone dead, like a lot of those mouths that instead of screaming, turn into stones, these stories, seeped in deep empathy for human lives and conditions, glowing in poised craftmanship of narration and translation,  offer a space of possibility, of conversation and resonance. Starting with this edition, we aspire to form a representative yearly  archive of contemporary Bengali short fiction for global anglophone readers.


Edited by Bishnupriya Chowdhuri