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Let’s all remember that more and more poetry gets lost without earnest attempts at translation.Read poetry here to get a glimpse of the rhythms and resonances of languages you don’t know.


Nov 3, 2020 | 0 comments

The Antonym is a global, collaborative space for translated literature from all languages into English.

Without acknowledging the significance of translation, one is never truly a part of the global literary conversation.
We are committed to recognizing the craft of carrying a text from one linguistic framework to another, expanding the boundaries of varied languages as they traverse each other’s souls.

We celebrate texts that remain relevant beyond geographical and linguistic barriers, texts that change our universe, and in the process, we bring authors and translators worthy of praise from all languages to the global readers.

We seek translated stories, poetry, and non-fiction of all genres from all languages. We want to listen to the conversations that each translation project initiates and entails. It is in those unique testimonies of the craft that we excel and grow!


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