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The Artist of the Month (June 2021) – Tatyana Ostapenko

Jun 6, 2021 | Artscape | 0 comments

The Real Strong and Silent Types

​Tatyana Ostapenko’s contemporary history paintings record people’s daily lives who usually don’t make it into official historical records. Images from her native Ukraine emerges on her canvases to speak about universal human experiences. Her work is full of empathy and celebrates resilience in the face of adversity.
Tatyana’s paintings have been exhibited at the Geoje International Art Festival in South Korea, Odessa Contemporary Art Biennial in Ukraine, Governors Island Art Fair in NYC, and Cape Cod Art Museum in Dennis, MA. She is a recipient of Professional Development Grants from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and the Oregon Arts Commission. Her paintings are owned by the public, corporate and private collections, including the City of Seattle and Stumptown Coffee.
Born and raised in the Soviet Union, she currently resides in Portland, OR. She holds a BFA in Studio Practice from Portland State University. To know more about her work, visit 

The Antonym caught up with Tatyana recently in a free flowing conversation about her art. Tapas K Ray delved into her work, inspiration that shaped her art and her interaction with society through her art.

The Antonym featured following works from Tatyana for its June cover.

Blue Chair  14″X11″

Morning Commute 14″X11″

The Sentry 64″X34″

Blue Sweater 14″X11″

Homeward 48″X36″

Conversation 50″X34″

Tapas K Ray

Tapas K Ray

Primarily a self-taught pastel artist, Tapas K Ray received his training in oil from Kathryn Myers at the University of Connecticut. Being inspired by Indian mythology, especially the concept of ‘third eye,’ his paintings are mostly influenced by his sense of existence. Though brazen, they silently protest against human exceptionalism. He is also an economist, a published poet, and an actor. Catch him at


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