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Cesare Oliva (The Antonym Artist of the Month July 2021) in conversation with Atrayee Guha

Jul 3, 2021 | Artscape | 1 comment

“The interest of a painter is to analyze the reality that surrounds them.” – Cesare Oliva

Being true to this idea, Oliva has dedicated himself to the study of philosophy, science, and humanity through his art. He was strongly influenced by the avant-gardes at a young age, which led to his own experiments with numerous schools in a career spanning half a century; his paintings range from Hypercubism and Reflectionism, to Surrealism, Neo-expressionism, and recycling of objects.

As a curious observer of the world he lives in, Oliva has produced his newest collection, The Pandemic Circle. In this anthology, he has tried to deal with the afflictions imposed by COVID-19 on humanity with his brave use of colors.

Oliva’s pieces have been exhibited to audiences in New York, London, Lisbon, Montreal, Toronto, Rome, Florence, and Caracas, among others, since the 1970s. He has received prestigious awards including the Modern Art Taranto 1977, National Contemporary Art Prize Taormina 1978, and the Florence 1999 Prize, and his works have been featured in international art catalogs, cultural magazines and book covers. After living and working in several continents, Oliva currently calls Florence, Italy, home.

The Antonym met with Cesare Oliva and had a wide-ranging conversation about his life, art and view of the world.

Atrayee Guha is an artist and creative writer. She is an editor with The Antonym.

1 Comment

  1. Rabi Sengupta

    Amazing! Hearing directly from the great artist, Ceasare Oliva, his views in every sphere of his thoughts behind the works is of immense interest. Highly appreciable!


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