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Artist of the Month (November) – Boisali Biswas

Nov 21, 2020 | Artscape | 5 comments

Painted Weavings that Connect Boisali’s Home with the World

Boisali began her journey many years ago at Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan. Even though she majored in textile designing she found her calling in creating Art with textiles as a medium. With a reasonable body of work, she held her first solo exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata.

After moving to the US, Boisali was introduced to floor looms at a nearby art center, which eventually inspired and led her to complete an MFA in Fiber Art. She could sense that the possibilities were endless and yarns and fabrics could take her a long way.

Gradually her world of art became an adventure in her home studio. Weaving, dyeing, printing, shibori, embroidery, painting, quilting and many other techniques were integrated using a variety of materials like yarn, fabric, twigs, paper, ceramic pieces, copper strips, reeds, plastic etc. She was convinced that as much as she loved to weave on a loom, she also liked getting her hands dirty with dyes and paints on fabric. And with that, evolved her mixed media fiber art.

Color and texture became the main components in her work, woven together with her life experiences, surroundings, feelings and intimate spaces of her mind. She would start with a preliminary subject in mind, but – unlike starting a painting on a blank canvas – she works with a stack of previously dyed, printed, painted and woven fabrics  to conceptualize new assemblages. Along the way she also creates new fabrics as required.

Few years back, she came up with an unusual medium of combining painting and weaving.  She started painting on paper, cutting them up into strips  and weaving with those strips. She christened them Painted Weavings.

One constant element in her work has been her bonding with her roots. By now she has spent more than half of her life in the US; nevertheless images, corners, moments, people, landscapes, experiences and cityscapes of India show up in her subconscious now more than ever. The soul searching continues.

The work included in this issue of Antonym shows some of her painted weavings and bears that imprint.


Boisali’s studio is in the greater Detroit area, Michigan, USA

Boisali Biswas

Boisali Biswas

Boisali Biswas, an alumni of Viswa-Bharati and Bowling Green State University, is a mixed media Textile Artist, working with a variety of techniques within the Textile medium from weaving, dyeing, printing, painting, to quilting, embroidery, etc. This particular medium, Painted Weavings was born out of her love for both painting and weaving. She paints on paper and cuts them up to weave with and gives a new dimension to the paintings. You can visit her website for more at


  1. Shankhadeep Bhattacharya

    excellent work!

    • Boisali Biswas

      Thank you so much Terrie, just seeing this 🙂 Love you!

  2. Susan Cayton

    I too had Kathy Hagan as a weaving instructor in the 70’s. We even went to Arrowmont Craft School together for two weeks in Gatlinburg, TN for spinning and tablet weaving.

    She and my husband, David Cayton both taught at BGSU. He and Kathy taught a class together in silkscreening woodcut patterns onto silk and then handpainted them with dyes. I still have mine. He was the printmaking professor there for thirty years. We met at Ball State University in the 60’s. After he retired in 1998 but still spent many years in his pottery studio. We even have several group shows together. He passed away in 2015, but I am still active in MLH, BSSG, TAWG and SWIFT guilds. We almost went to India with Russ Mason who taught dyeing at a MLH conference. We did get to Europe, Mexico several times. Love all your collages and philosophy. Am trying to get my weaving guild to team up in groups of two and collaborate in a similar fashion. Keep up the good work.


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