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The Antonym December Flash Fiction Contest

Nov 26, 2021 | Front And Center | 2 comments

The Antonym invites writers to enter the December Flash Fiction Contest.
The entry should be strictly limited to 350 words. Here is the writing prompt for the Flash Fiction:

Man at night

Photograph by Aritra Sanyal

The contest is open to all international writers anywhere in the world, with a deadline of 18th December 2021. The winner will be announced on 8th January, 2022.
The winning entry will be awarded USD 50$. The winning story and any other deserving entries will be published in the journal.
All entries are judged anonymously.
The submission closes on 18th December 2021, here is the link – The Antonym December Flash Fiction Contest


  1. Seema Ray

    The song of life

    “Laura ! Are you there?”
    “Whats up?” Laura asked Granny with her melodious voice.
    “Cover your mouth and serve that young guy’s chicken sandwich order ”. Granny’s face is brightened with joy.
    Laura lives with her widow granny who has four children. One daughter , Laura’s mom and three sons.
    Her grandpa was a renowned Doctor in a remote village in Louisiana. He helped helpless people. Laura’s uncles operates a family restaurant.
    Certainly, Laura’s parents separated and left Laura with Grandma. Mom did not like domestic life. Grandma, an intelligent lady who owns big farm lands. She sold vegetables, eggs and milk by unmarried graduate students.
    She adopted deserted in her farm house. ‘Laura’ had to stay with the adopted babies. Laura grew up as a very accommodating girl. This made her realize the philosophy and song of life told by Grandma. “If song is not practiced from the early life, you will not be able to sing. Laura believed in grandma’s words as gospels of God.” As a smart teenager, She finished high school with good grades.
    At that time, with the encouragement from grandma, she met an Asian-Indian guy at their restaurant. One Saturday the guy came for lunch and went to pay the bill to grandma’s counter.
    Grandma asked him, “Are you working in “Boise Cascade Paper Mill” ? Upon hearing such melodious voice, the boy answered “Yes ma’am” !
    “Very good. may I ask your name please?”
    “My name is Joy Bagchi. ”
    “ How long have you been here and what do you do for living?
    “Six years. I am a Chemical Engineer.”
    “ Wow! I have one 18 years old beautiful grand daughter. “Laura come here please.”
    Laura appeared, Granny introduced her to Joy. “ Next weekend please come in the Serenity Park where we will meet.”
    Next weekend, Granny took Laura. They liked each other without dating.
    One day Granny requested Joy to marry Laura. Joy agreed.
    After 32 years marriage, both sing the same song of life with understanding, believe and love.
    -The end-

    349 Words

  2. Huguette St. Hilaire

    No matter what I do, I can’t get this story to upload in your choose file section. I have spent over 4 hours doing that and I have given up.

    I also opened an account, but no app showed up.


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