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Tagore Award for Translated Fiction from Bengali -Announcement

Oct 18, 2021 | Front And Center | 0 comments

We reached the first milestone of selection with the announcement of the short listed stories for Tagore award.

The short listed stories for Tagore Award for translation from the Bengali are as follows.

A Trip down Memory Lane ( Mojaffor Hossain) – Translated by Haroonuzzaman Zaman
All the Sadeqs are getting killed ( Mojaffor Hossain) – Translated by Noora Bahar
A Seed (Nirzhar Noishabdya) – Translated by Shimul Bhattacharjee
The Man and The Tree ( Yashodhara Raychoudhri) – Translated by Chirayata Chakraborty
Then, as I kept going ( Shahaduz Zaman) – Translated by Noora Bahar
The Progenitor ( Zakir Talukder) – Translated by Masrufa Nusrat
Stories from the Rail Station ( Moinul Ahsan Saber) – Translated by Masrufa Nusrat
Return ( Mahua Sen Mukhopadhyaya) – Translated by Chandreyee Lahiri


The following video explains the process followed for the short listing:

The shortlisted stories are currently being reviewed by our three judges – Pina Piccolo, Baret Marignan and Neil Ray. The final announcement is expected in the later part of November.


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