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The Refugee – Debesh Roy

Debesh Roy is remembered for numerous books, including Borisaler Jogen Mondal, Manush Khun Kore Keno, Samay Asamayer Brittanto, and Lagan Gandhar. He received the Sahitya Academy award in 1990 for his epic novel Teesta Parer Brittanto.

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Poems by Abdellatif Laâbi

Abdellatif Laâbi is a Moroccan poet, novelist and translator. He has received numerous awards and honors both in France and abroad, including the Gongourt Prize for poetry in 2009 and the Grand Prix de la francophonie in 2011.

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Refugee – Achintya Kumar Sengupta

Achintya Kumar Sengupta (born 19 September 1903 – 29 January 1976) was an Indian Bengali-language writer. He started writing under a pen name, ‘Niharika Debi’. He contributed to almost all genres of Bengali literature, but is best remembered for his novels and short stories. In all, he wrote more than 100 books. Sengupta was closely associated with the famous magazine Kallol, and was its editor for some time.

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Dreams and Nightmares – On a razor’s edge: Editorial Note on Refugee Literature

Dreams and nightmares take turns in every sleep cycle. They even invade the hours awake. There shall no longer be a day without learning the shape of separation, without looking at broken pieces of heart, without longing for acceptance from foreign soils, skins and songs.The Antonym, sought out literary expressions—tales and artefacts built in that sleeplessness and plight.

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