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Amenhotep’s Time – Dipen Bhattacharya

Translated from the original Bengali by Dipen Bhattacharya and Lisa Conyers. The sun was setting; the arches of the temple of the Empress Hatsepsut began to disappear into the darkness. My hands were red after hammering away the...

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Indian Science Fiction – A Panel Discussion

The Antonym brought together a wonderful panel of India Science Fiction writers and critics to discuss the uniqueness of Indian Science Fiction. We had Subodh Jawadekar, the renowned Science and Science Fiction writer in Marathi: Dipen Bhattacharya, who writes in Bengali., featuring the social dynamics of imagined future societies interwoven with scientific principle and T.G. Shenoy, a Science Fiction columnist and critic, the writer of India’s longest-running weekly SF column in India,

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