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Ramesh Aundhkar’s Unique Compositions in the Time of Pandemic – Tapas K Ray

Apr 3, 2021 | Artscape | 4 comments

“I am marooned in my loneliness. I am assured. I look at the blank canvas in front and imagine random dots. Then I draw arbitrary lines. As I have drawn the line with a 6 feet radius around me. Lines that bridge the dots. And lines that overlap with each other. I look at them in my solitude. I double up the dots and the lines. I read them again. The ink eats up the monotony of the blankness.
I need to wear masks when you are near me. Both of us were wearing masks throughout. We did not realize. The pandemic made us see them. The masks are visible now as my lines draw the patterns. Visible are the motifs. The lines, the inks, the white spaces in between, all tell me stories from far away ancient land of Ujjain, or Konark, or for that matter the Kailash. The man standing at the temple door, or the mother with her child. Parvati and Ganesha. A woman with a cock, or is it a dancing Ganesha? Well, it is all a matter of perspective. Perspectives that morph lines into images. Art is for the viewer: -to appreciate, to interpret, and to value. We are just the hands behind the ink.”

While speaking to The Antonym team, Ramesh Aundhkar, a renowned artist from Pune, retired senior faculty from Symbiosis Institute of Design and an alumni , fellow and gold medalist of Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai was very excited about his new style of painting which is unique and magical. He explored this technique during the forced isolation of pandemic. The uniqueness lies in its multiple perspectives. If one rotates the plate at a right angle, the theme changes. We present a few of his works to get a glimpse of the series that he developed.

Tapas K Ray

Tapas K Ray

Primarily a self-taught pastel artist, Tapas K Ray received his training in oil from Kathryn Myers at the University of Connecticut. Being inspired by Indian mythology, especially the concept of ‘third eye,’ his paintings are mostly influenced by his sense of existence. Though brazen, they silently protest against human exceptionalism. He is also an economist, a published poet, and an actor. Catch him at


  1. Ramesh Aundhkar

    Thanks a lot Sir.

    • Kartik Rakshe

      Nice to see you again Mamashri

  2. Arvind Khanolkar

    Really, Mr. Ramesh Aundhkar has found a unique style of loking at same frame from different angles, each with a new potential and challenge to imagination. It’s pleasure to watch his drawings.

  3. Mangesh

    It’s always pleasure to see your art work… great imagination
    Proud of you.


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