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Baby Shaw

Nov 23, 2020 | Poetry | 3 comments

Within The Rain 

The sounds of rain here harmonized

You are waiting on the way, in the heart of the sky
On both of your sides, there are jungles of cloud

And they are thinking this the faint sound of rainbow
Lady farmers are warning their husbands to not to go out with boats
They think farming would be better

And at that time…

I saw children waving hands and the train moving like a small line

I was here to travel
You were here to travel

Water dripping down

Everyone forgets the cloud
On the muddy road,  there is the seed of hunger
With a slight tilted ankle
They sat like the weather office
Monsoon came down from the trees
As if flood
In your eyes
I have come here at the horizon to drink it
You go steadily
We shall meet
Like we meet on the roads


The Inner Light

The old road is shrouded in sorrow
I don’t blame it
I know people are crying
Pain has gone through the old road

Shall we follow it?
Singing Lalon songs?
Also, the tune of Ramprasad would be heard
Brothers and sisters would exchange love ceremoniously

We are still reading
The hymns of history
Man is not only made by pain
Also, made by love
There is a new way for us!

Whatever we see seems truth
Those who said these, are, too, blind
Whatever we cannot see
We dig
Man knows a divine light
Calls him

Man is crying heartbroken
Man is fighting heartbroken.


Baby Shaw has published several volumes of book of poetry in Bengali.  Her research on the plaintive songs of women of south-eastern margins of Bengal, namely, ”Kandnageet: sangraaho and Ittibritto(a collection of rare painful lyrical poetry and its history)” was published in 2019.   She has received many recognitions and awards for her contribution to Bengali poetry. Baby is also involved in translating literature and poetry from different languages. Her only translated book, “Bek Seok-er Kobita ( The Poetry of Bek Seok, a Poet of North Korea)” has been well received.


  1. Sukumar Choudhuri

    You are as fluent as Bengali in English too. I enjoyed the essence of both the poems and its smoothness.


    The imagery fascinates me immensely. Both poems are very good.

  3. Prasad Sing



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