Montage conceived and photographed by Leah Oates. Captions co-created with Bishnupriya Chowdhuri
The Transitory Space deals with urban and natural locations that are transforming due to the passage of time, altered natural conditions and a continual human imprint.
These photographs are, in essence, artifacts found and formed at the ambiguous territory where  the human consciousness interacts with space that appears forever present yet keeps morphing through the ungraspable, corridor of time.
Reality, in this context, is but a dialogue  that goes back on its words every so often. Moments and memories of it is never linear or  monolythic but is defined by a cacophony of exposers, layers falling on each other.  
Is this not how we truly see, imprint, get scarred, get kissed by spaces and time?
Underneath the noise, the bruises of movement and stillness on spaces and perception, I feel the effulgence of a great, fragile beauty. I seek to record that through my art…    
Every moment captured on film is over as soon as the shutter clicks, recording the ephemeral. Yet, in reality, there is always a visual cacophony of experience. We are always living in many realities at once. Multiple exposures express the way we experience the world more accurately. I shoot these images on 35 mm film in an analog camera with multiple lenses then scan them and alter these film scans on my computer and then print them as pigment prints. __