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Three Bengali Poems— Tanushree Bag

Mar 15, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments

Translated from the Bengali by Moulinath Goswami


Three Bengali Poems by Tanushree Bag

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Over many dawns, I have had you—
this I feel; light comes, the first radiance
of mist that has opened its eyes; along the seashore all birds
talk of coming back, terrain of water beneath your feet
tide in the folds of your wings, whether you would return
from the intense sun, I cannot predict
Such a taut string, before getting hurt
the kite keeps its lips shut for the last time…
Kites, close to Bhaskar grandpa’s heart, white tail,
like a snake
Not everything is love, only strife to inch a little close
to the one who never remains…


That you have made me sad, this
I write all night. Will a radiance like that of the sun
ever happen again in this life?
Living a decolored existence; a mystery metropolis; the breeze
as if its bridge, life on either side
You—a flower, and
on the ground lies milky-word-fragrance

The flute of seeds plays… silence it in rebirth. 


How I hang on to this thread of a road
the disheveled mind wonders, eyes as if fixed, slowly and slowly
not exactly rushing forward; just as a stringed top
comes back to its acquainted hands
gleefully spinning and spinning around…
all this isn’t here. Here it is only a stern string,
distressed faces of forefathers

This sport you have seen many a time, before
At least do not come now, the game that goes on all day and night
across waters and over infinity,
that you have thought to be wisdom at one point in time—
These days you might fear it.

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Born in 1994, Tanushree Bag was brought up in a village of Purba Medinipur. She holds a post-graduate degree in mathematics. She has been writing for a few years now and has contributed her poems to quite a few Bengali magazines. She wishes to undertake her journey of savoring life through poetry or the other way around, through poetry in life. She believes silence is the lifeline of poetry. Her first collection of poems titled Jonaki Shikhe Nicchi was published in 2018. Her search for silence in poetry is eternal. 

Born in Asansol, West Bengal, India, Moulinath Goswami writes poetry in Bengali, his mother tongue, as well as in English. Writing is his escape, his meditation. Though primarily a poet, he writes prose as well and does translations in Bengali and English. He contributes regularly to the prominent magazines and periodicals of West Bengal, Bangladesh, and overseas. His collections of Bengali poems include Dayal, Kuashar Tukrora. His third book Memoir Of A Girl consists of English translations of Bengali poems of Jhelum Trivedi. He has a collection of Bengali short stories Paranbiler Maath to his credit. He was an invitee participant in the multi-lingual Writers’ Meet organized by Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal in February 2020.


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