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The Last Sun and Other Poems— Anamika Anu

Aug 5, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments



The Last Sun

On the last day of her life

The girl looks at the sun

by opening the window

moving the drapes aside

tattered and battered

from the threshold 


in her desire for misfortune

she takes out

a bowl full of rice

from the pot on the stove

without shedding the boiling water


months later, rocks peak

from the snow-covered mountains


months later, relieved from the winter’s curse

wheels run again


months later, the heart of the mountain 

trembles again

by the frenzied railways


birds nibbling on grain

reached the railway tracks


months later,

the track is stained 

by the blood of a learned bird



when I read it

all the black alphabets ran towards me like horses

they came in hundreds 

I tried to push them

with my ten fingers and two palms

I tried to reach them

they have horse power 

and my mitochondria are incapable of love

I have dug my grave in a small crack

around his glasses and wrinkles  

I will go with him 

his glasses know that


I will be killed

I will be killed by that crowd

from whom I think differently


to not think like the crowd

is not to be against the crowd

instead, it is for their good

so, the crowd cannot be herded 

like sheep


it nevertheless is so 

that the different is usually killed 

by the crowd


I am Drowning

I am drowning 

in a pond

a small pond


beside which

there is a school

and a temple, a little far 

I’m neither learned

nor religious

death is certain


I do not know how to swim

jumping into the pond

without knowing how to swim

that too on the day

when the school is closed

and the temple is open

it is uncanny to invite death

when the school is open


it is uncanny to invite death

into the world

when the school exists


He Said

he said

you’re so lovely Anna

and the world shrank

and became a word


he stroked my lips with his fingers

and the river shrank and became a line


he caressed my hair 

a sentence was born out of the fallen leaves


and when he said yes

the sky of hope

became an extinct language


then one day

he raised his finger

that day

the sun, the moon

the clouds and the sky

all rose and went up


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 Anamika Anu

Anamika Anu

Anamika Anu is a well known poet. She has three collection  of poems in her name. Anamika Anu received Bharat Bhushan Agarwal Award in the year 2020. She currently lives in Kerala.

Dipanwita Bhattacharyya

Dipanwita Bhattacharyya

Dipanwita Bhattacharyya is a student of the Department of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree  and is currently in her 3rd year of undergraduate course.


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