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the earth before cars and after – Reign Serene

May 8, 2021 | Poetry | 0 comments

Come. See what we’ve done.
Says the radio to the sky.
So they do.
A lock on a cage means humans live here, says the angel,
There’s one!
There are lasers in you now. Good luck.
Explain the problems you have created.
Do you make it equal?

Do you add?
Do you subtract?

You explain:
I’ve loved enough about you to hate you.
I hate enough about you to destroy you.
I want and I want and I want
I am a human.
This is my mission, this is my mansion,
These are all of my bones begging to break.
I tend to the garden
Sometimes there is water
Sometimes there is only gasoline.
We heal some of the wounds we cause,
but only if we hate them long enough.

Gardens, mansions, gasoline- I think you get it.

Hey- have you been dead before?

Where did we go wrong?

Now an angel is sitting on your chest
Fulfilling all of your wishes
Breaking all of your bones
Pressing your violence into the silence above you
Because she loves enough about you to
Destroy you-right?
You are hitting, kicking, hissing
All of the
Fighting turns into kissing.
Fighting, kissing, hitting.
From beneath the wave of knuckles and storm of blood,

As if to surrender, you ask her-

“Were we found,
or were we forged”
And with that,
A mountain of muscle behind
An ancient face punches you through
The Earth.
Enough to destroy you.
Because you should know there is no difference
Because she thinks,
I’ve loved her enough
Go grab your guns and rub your face in the mud-
The emperor wants,
wants war against the sky.
Turn towards your sun one last time-
Put your hand in it.
Dip your hair in it.
This is your favorite game, but you won’t admit it.
Its called:

Power, Power, Pride.

This was your mansion, remember?
And these were all of your missions.
We are taking them away. We are going to LOVE them.
A lock on a cage means that humans have been here.
And there are locks all around, but no Keys.
They subtract people from the world
In an attempt to solve a problem they created.
Fake numbers, false calculations
The only hero is zero.
The hero is trapped in a cage.
There is war on TV. There are numbers in their heads
They don’t learn anything from those before them because

They are afraid of being dead.

I am not afraid of being dead.
Says the last girl in the last barn in the world.
She’s wearing human kisses and
waltzing through the smoke
Because everything is on fire

And lifting like a river.

Bombs, bones, and what to do about it.
Even when you are in a cage,
There is still light in the pool,
says zero.


YOU were never the gods, says the gods
To the angels,
To the humans,
To the barn and the fire and it’s girl.
Lets try again:
A falling crown on a severed head,
that’s the end.
The barn stops burning,
The girl turns to art
There’s a kick in her womb
That’s the start.
Before Cars
It is half past two when
you swim through the frame.
against the moon’s glitter, you are
lit up like a mountain.
The smell of booze diffuses

through the dark water

Here is a mustard gas soaked soldier,
There is a fat baby wet with

milk and tears-

I wonder if I have met who you are
when you are truly alone.

I wonder if you have.

Boots fly

Your body falls like a great tree

This is the end of a movie
about warm beer and

holding hands

I am wondering when you became
so far and quiet.

I feel the fever from here.

I watch you snore and dream

up faces I don’t and won’t recognize

I watch from far above us,
where I go when I have

nowhere left to stand.

In the middle of the night, I want you to make it.
You appear as
heavy and kind
as the earth before
You were not afraid of me. I was not afraid of you. This surprised us both
We were both so used to hiding behind our swords and knives.
You were loud within yourself- Loud! You made noise and turned on all of the
lights, music seeped through your teeth
You look through me- Your gaze heavy as a king’s. I could not trick you. You wanted
my head. We were in a pool of each other and I could not hide. I had tried but as
I backed up against my spine, there you were again, waiting for me behind my
heart. There is sunshine on everything. There is melting snow.
Outside, there were the black birds, the red birds, and the multiplication of spring
I was water in the water. You were water, too. What does it matter?
It’s me, remember?
And of course you did. Everybody does when it goes like this:
Body, Body, Skin.
This is my skin, you can have it
My mouth, you can have it
My eyes, for now, but if you like you can take them away and roll them into the sea.
It would startle you I’m sure- the way color looks to me.
And against the night, I am so sudden. A clap in the dark.
Coming in through my nose and out through my mouth, shrill voices.
I can’t tell where you end and I begin. I will do my best to become a medicine.
Pressing up against the down
but I drown
one million years at once,
drowning into the ground, into forests of myself
What a wonderful way to get to Heaven,
Full of water
              and water
                         and water.
Reign Serene

Reign Serene

Reign is an artist and poet from Los Angeles. She is currently enrolled at Santa Monica College as a film major, with a concentration in screenwriting. She has been featured by Parallax Literary Journal, the Plants and Poetry Journal, and published by the Thirty West Publishing House. Reign has also self published her own poetry book, “ULTRASOUND”, available on amazon and on her website- . More work is available on her instagram @S3RENE.


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