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Tapash Roy

Aug 20, 2020 | Poetry | 0 comments

Translated from the  Bengali by Nirmalya Biswas

I seek around identity among the
Collective sounds of the Earth
Yet, I wish to remain unidentified
The sky unveils even more, as
I cross Purnia, come undone the
Beauties of nature, with its
Verbose sceneries
It’s a new night, under a new sky
And it’s a new you
Sitting at the borderlines of
My known world,
Seduces me the world unseen
Calm, and good.

Resentment, Unexpressed

The dawn is effervescent
The morning fog is in self-love
The pomp of the pristine white is all around
The sun finds a little break
From monotony
Never felt the urge of being with the ‘me’
Even amidst the sights and sounds
Now, feeling it – strongly
The soil calls out to the horizon
The sky obliges, all in obligation, perhaps?
The Heaven and Earth unite to make the dawn
More pleasant, pleasant yet static
The morning markets pose a threat
To farmlands, calm and coy and unresisting
Every day, each day
Can the grass still sing?

Tapash Roy

Tapash Roy

Tapas Ray, an Executive in a Central Govt. Undertaking Company. He is a Ph.D. 

He edits a Bengali Monthly. He is a Bengali Poet and fiction writer, published eight collections of poems and three novels. Award: Birendra Puraskar, Pratham Aalo, Binoy Majumder Smriti Puroskar,Uttoron Sahitya Puroskar,Soharab Hosein Smarok Sommanona and other awards


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