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Tag: The Feminine Pen

Cold Tea— Shaheen Akhtar

Translated from the Bengali by Rituparna Mukherjee The bus lurched to a halt under the darkness of the aerial roots of the banyan tree. The inside of the bus, packed full of passengers, choking in the heat and humidity, reeked...

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Sparrow’s Flesh – Pratibha Sarkar

Translated from the Bengali by Sukti Sarkar On days when we fussed and went to bed without eating, “you’ll lose flesh worth a sparrow from that body of yours when you wake up tomorrow,” Ma would say.Girls should not do...

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Samaresh’s Life Force – Indrani Datta

Translated from the Bengali by Rituparna Mukherjee On a wintry Saturday afternoon at the beginning of 2013, in the month of January-February, commonly called Magh, Samaresh found himself acutely worried. The place where the...

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1st January – Sayantani Bhattacharya

Translated from the Bengali by Chirayata Chakraborty Combing her hair with her fingers, Bnuchiburi picked out a rather buxom louse, crushed it, and then promptly sneezed. Then from Bnuchiburi’s tattered saree, torn blanket,...

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The Man and The Tree – Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri

The Antonym instituted the Tagore Award for translated fiction from Bengali in 2021. Here is the story in translation that came seccond in the inaugural season of the Tagore Award for translated fiction -The Man and the Tree written by Yashodhara Ray Chaudhuri and translated by Chirayata Chakraborty.

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The Deed of Acquittance – Ishrat Tania

Ishrat Tania is a poet and writer from Bangladesh. Her literary work revolves around perceptions and thoughts about human relations, despair, dreams, nature, transcendence, society and politics. Her published books in Bengali include Nemeche Ichche Niribili (2016), Beejpurush (2018), Mad Ek Swarnava Shishir (2020), Alaper Amphitheater (2020).

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