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The Abandoned House – Marzia Rahman

Every house has chests. Secrets folded under the stacks of silks and starched cotton. Some houses evoke fairytales. Roses and marigolds swaying in the front yard, giggling child on a swing. Some, on the other hand, look as if...

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Malti – Marzia Rahman

My name is Malti. I was named after a flower, my grandmother told me, but she couldn’t tell my birthyear. She only remembered that it was the month of Sraban, the courtyard was filled with water, and our neighbor, Lala Miah’s...

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Masks and Balloons – Marzia Rahman

Photograph – Aritra Sanyal Back then, Baba sold balloons; Ma worked as a cook in two houses. And one roadside rice stall where she peeled loads of onions and cried a lot.I used to go with Baba, making rounds in the...

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Empty Nights— Lynne Knight

Winning story, The Antonym December Flash Fiction Contest Soon it would be dawn. He’d wandered the maze of alleys all night, then, and now he was alone, no one else out except a cat yowling, another. Why had she left him?...

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The Dream He Forgot – Marzia Rahman

The Antonym December Flash Fiction Contest Finalist And the days smell like copper. And the nights like Star cigarettes and cheap sentiments. And the whistles come from tea stalls, roadside cafés, a young man, riding a...

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Halka Hata – Leona Cicone

The Antonym December Flash Fiction Contest Finalist As I ran down the street, everything blurred into greens and reds. It was the holiday season in Kathmandu, and the hostels put up lights to entertain the tourists. The tears in...

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