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Simone Maria Bonin

Apr 16, 2021 | Front And Center, Poetry | 0 comments

Flathead Mother – 1910

Motionless inside a nympha, the dead who guard your back,
quilted in the landscape like undertones of words, named you then
Fathers of fathers and mothers of many generations
The name is the burn we carry upon
Pupils crowned – embroidered flowers all around


Streets of London

Two girls cut the road in front of me, at a traffic light.
They wear a white coat, large as a hot-air balloon.
If it were not for a hole in the middle of the chest, one says,
They’d take up flight and never come back.

Behind them, a man yells out words staring at a sun-coated cross
He says Love in four/four time
Catching the rhythm with his foot.

A whole human line follows his pace to the station
While stick figures are the sacred totems of the procession.

Nobody sees, nobody observes
And the vanishing snake in the ground
Marks the soul’s daily offering to the metro
Every journey matters

I straighten up my spine and move on
Freeing up my lungs with a sudden cough



 Simone Maria Bonin

 Simone Maria Bonin

 Simone Maria Bonin was born in Venice in 1993. He graduated in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Warwick. He co-edited the series “Rigor Mortis” for Thauma Edizioni and published “Atlantide: Poems, Prose and Letters by Hart Crane” – the first Italian translation of the complete work of the American poet. In 2017, he published his first collection of poems “Tratti primi” with Arcipelago Itaca Edizioni. His poems appeared in several anthologies and literary magazines. He currently lives in Copenhagen.


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