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Shamim Faruk

Aug 21, 2020 | Poetry | 0 comments

Have a good weekend

Never save that memory of
excitement and joy.
Shake your body fluid and hair
By sitting, laying your body, bending knees.
My breath and blood was moving faster inside.
You refreshed your body from the window air.
You saw a white car in the road.
Hold your wave of body music on hand
In this World Smile Day.
Stop your hunting lips,
Your wild madness.
And show the back side of your hungry face.
Why was that so cool?
Why that was so white?
Cheer up your cold hands
and red blood inside.
Have a good weekend.

Enter into the soul without shoe

Come into my soul without your shoes,
without your party shoe and pollution in body.
Enter with naked legs.
Arrive here passing through the dress.
You cannot put an advertisement here,
not even in your lips, eyes and face.
If you are coming with naked legs,
also wear lose dress
As your happiness would expand to bigger size ever.
Go into the deeper slowly.
Do not beg anything outside placing your hands.
For a hand with ask
it will only give you sad eyes and tears.

Shamim Faruk

Shamim Faruk

Shamim faruk is an Agriculturist (Aquaculture and Development Expert), did his PhD from University of Stirling, UK.   During his literary career, he was engaged with little magazines such as – Danpite Ghori, Shabuz Roddur of the University and Purno Doirgho, Nishorgo, Chalchitro in Dhaka.He wants to bring poetry very close to daily life experiences. He published four books in Bengali poetry including one translation book of other country poems


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