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Road & Other Poems— Yatish Kumar

Oct 12, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments


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I saw one dream pecking the body of another.
I were to shift the lines within my palms but saw them crawling up on my brow

While trying to glow, A city swept past.
Thats all that happened. Now, I wait,
for when would a straight road reach the shop
piercing through the farm. SCARS OF ENGRAM
Without clasping the wrists slumber, not once, drew nigh.
The incessant grasps begun to leave their traces on the wrists.

The traces turned into scars without a discern.



The nights have always been an issue between two dates, that the lustrous days never are.

A thought frequents me about why the issue always
clings itself on to the wretched nights.

It can also be noticed during the days when
all of a sudden, a chatty girl mutes herself and sits down.

The fire is cold long back But the embers kept ablaze

The issue actually is a choice, of either burning away, bit by bit or blazing up all at once.

Whereas the mind
is in an eternal flame, concealing and dismissing
the truth of a complete burnout. THIS VERY DAY IS SPRING FLOWER 1
Salt and grass are for the perpetuity
but the most amiable are the flowers.

In the abundance of love, people of the every day breaks it apart.



They go to weddings in the morning And visit funeral ceremonies at night just as I do.

For me to do so
is similar to moving into two distinct rooms.



The merchandise
of adoration is on a high rise

A flower pops upon
the posters gratuitously.
My fondness for the flowers continues to wither away.



In a bouquet of flowers
the barbs keep blending in with ease.
And in the name of the flowers
they act like the knives within the sleeves.



A head held high with the hands kept low
can easily be annihilated with reasoning and a wreath of flowers
round it’s neck.

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Yatish Kumar

Yatish Kumar

Born on August 21, 1976, in Munger (Bihar), Yatish Kumar has made a creative presence in the literary world in the last few years. In the year 2021, his first poetry collection ‘Antas Ki Khurchan’ and in January 2023, his second poetry collection ‘Aavirbhaav’ (poems on 11 famous works of Hindi literature) has been published & getting a lot of affection from readers, critics, and literature lovers.


A 1996 batch Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers (IRSME) officer, Yatish Kumar is currently posted in Eastern Railway (ER) and holds the post of Chief Workshop Manager, Carriage & Wagon Workshop, Liluah & Chairman & Managing Director (CMD), Braithwaite & Co. Limited. He is also actively associated with various literary-social organizations along with professional engagement & trying to bring positive change in society.

Shubha Sundar Ghosh

Shubha Sundar Ghosh

Shubha Sundar Ghosh (b 2003) currently pursuing undergraduate degree in the Department of Comparative Literature, at Jadavpur University. A resident of Siliguri who now stays in Kolkata for studies.


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