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R.T. Notaro

May 14, 2021 | Poetry | 5 comments

Sitting in a Prague Café

The rush of cold
as she sweeps inside.
Her hair floats,
As if free from time.

Eyes azure,
and thoughtful.
finding her seat;
her cathedra.

yet too far away.
Situated now.
Notebook agape,

She bites her finger
in a delicate way,
as her free hand glides
across the page.


Sipping the ink black
from her cup.
She becomes the muse.



War of Words

as fallen soldiers;
I tasted the moment.

and began remembering
intended conversations.
Lying to the silences.



What Was Forever

Staring at the meadows of the sky,
the pure white flowers linger.
Drawing in the summer air’s sweet breath
it only reminds of time remaining.

Holding that picture of you
standing in a field of rye;
I get a sense of myself
through you.

And I am forgetting it all.


Empty Space

There’s a picture
here somewhere.
And a book
that no one has read.
An afterthought;
submerged in sadness.
Have you seen my ghost?
chooses a god.
Be careful
of the one
you choose.


R.T. Notaro

R.T. Notaro

R.T. Notaro is a news photographer/writer/producer, currently working in Philadelphia. In over 30 years in the television industry R.T. has been nominated for three Emmy Awards, along with two AP News Awards. When not working R.T. can be found reading or cooking. R.T. writes on a variety of topics because nothing should be off limits. You can follow R.T. On Twitter @RTNotaro


  1. Joe Bisicchia

    Beautiful work. R.T. has a way of connection, and through so few words. Powerful. Love these poems!!!! Thanks to Antonym for publishing them.

    • R.T. Notaro

      Thanks Joe. I appreciate the thoughts.

  2. Joe Bisicchia

    Wonderful work by R.T. Notaro. Powerful. Thanks to Antonym for publishing these.

  3. MIchael Martin

    Wonderful work RT! So glad I got the chance to read them.

    • R.T. Notaro

      Thanks Michael. I appreciate you taking the time to read my work and comment.


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