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Apple Cinnamon and Other Poems— Mercury-Marvin Sunderland

Aug 7, 2022 | Poetry | 0 comments

Apple Cinnamon
i packed
one bowl
took the lighter
& lit
took a deep breath
& exhaled
through my nose

then eyed
the partially-burnt
dollar-cost joint
resting in light ashes

of the dollar store ashtray

the resting thumb lighter
with the geometric illustration
of the purple bird
on a branch

before me burns
an apple cinnamon
glade scented candle

poured red
into a fashionable glass.

& this light burns

shining just right
on that
thick flame-resistant

my pipe
is tie-dye
& silicone
& my friends all say
it looks like a kazoo
& i light
with a candle lighter
adorned with
sparkly rainbow stickers
from the art store.

my friends ask me
doesn’t it burn
to exhale it through your nose

& i say
that used to bother me
but i don’t care anymore
because it gets me high enough
before me burns
an apple cinnamon
glade scented candle

poured red
into a fashionable glass.

One Tiny Glob of Lash Glue
there is
one tiny glob of lash glue
stuck to my upper left lashes

& it’s really goddamn annoying
but for the sake of what would be
my poor eyelids
i’ll leave it alone

until i’m sober enough
tomorrow morning
to actually research well

what takes
dollar store lash glue
out of your eyelashes

pulling out

so i sit here stoned
at midnight

gently rocking in my chair
made by prison labor
which isn’t actually

i have
much to do
before i head off
& sleep
before my shift tomorrow
new year’s eve day.

Vodka Strawberry Jello Shots
i boiled water
tore open the packet

added a splash of cold water

½ cup of vodka
but add just a tiny bit more for taste

½ cup of cold water
be careful it does not overfill
or you will waste that
vodka residue.

then pour into
seven shot glasses:

four hello kitty holding fruits
two wacky weed bar
one plain from my family

fill the rest
in a large wine glass

so the remaining half-full of red
fits the resemblance.

after work tomorrow
i’ll arrive home
to a night of

my dead close friend’s potato soup recipe
accompanied by my
close college friend’s roommates

with weed and alcohol to go around
for the
new year’s eve night
last day of 2021.

i can’t cook
the potato soup
or any of their recipes
this year
but my friends love fin’s recipes
& they
already want to make
soup on new year’s eve
a yearly tradition.

& it’s not that
this is the first year
since illness

or death
but i couldn’t make anything
but vodka strawberry jello shots
in what shot glasses i had
& one of my wine glasses

& it’s not much
but it’s delicious
& fun

tastes sweet.
Male Seahorses
male seahorses
with pregnant bellies

in his womb
are hundreds of fetuses

pregnant male
swims slowly
behind glass

he is easy to observe
in his tiny habitat
where thousands will gaze
upon him.

isn’t he extravagant
a beautiful creature
who swims so slowly
in his tiny world
male seahorses
are the freaks of nature
men with uteruses
are the asterisk to
an afterthought

fragile isn’t he
tugs onto the seaweed
with his spiral
when the waves get too harsh.


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Mercury-Marvin Sunderland (he/him) is a transgender autistic gay man with Borderline Personality Disorder. He’s from Seattle and currently attends the Evergreen State College. He’s been published by the University of Amsterdam’s Writer’s Block, UC Davis’ Open Ceilings, UC Riverside’s Santa Ana River Review, UC Santa Barbara’s Spectrum, and The New School’s The Inquisitive Eater. His lifelong dream is to become the most banned author in human history. He’s @RomanGodMercury on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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