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Pina Piccolo

Jan 15, 2021 | Poetry | 1 comment

Praise Be to the Rooster’s Stark Eye

It shall all be recorded
In the stark eye of the rooster
The teeming times
The apnea of the soul
The limb that wouldn’t move
The tear that froze

It turns its naked neck
So that shiny, round
Perfect eye
Can capture your
Lack of movement
The hibernation
Of the tongue

It won’t crow
Three times
It’s got better things to do
Than be your conscience keeper

Be fretful!
Don’t linger here
On the threshing floor
Go seek that kindred soul
Your Totem Animal
That favors scales
Upon its eyes.

The Futures of Water

Hand me, oh Time
the Algorithm for
The Value of Water
The liquid cypher
of its Futures
The distilled number
of its moisture
and spray
The fluid way
it percolates down the Ages
to the Core
The way it penetrates
the membrane
of Being
and permeates
its translucent phase.

Hand it carved on a Tablet
Its perverse sequence
a Dream Stone
Endless filings of
zeros twos and ones
the non-binary the Ur-trinity.
Enclosed please find revealed
and revel in the Phase Transition:
that stray gaseous molecule
of the Futures of Water


Pina Piccolo

Pina Piccolo

Pina Piccolo is a poet, translator and cultural activist whose work has appeared both in Italian and English, both in print and online journals and anthologies.  She is one of the editors for the Italian language literary digital journal and the sole editor of the English language, transnational  literature and visual arts web magazine Her Italian poetry collection I canti dell’interregno was published in 2018 by Lebeg edizioni;  the manuscript of her English language poetry collection “Avatars on the Borderlands” patiently awaits any sign of interest from the publishing world.

1 Comment


    Captivating lines….dear Poet….bathed in truth….while, as eager, we patiently wait for ‘on the Borderlands and Avatars’.


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