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Kousik Guria

Nov 23, 2020 | Poetry | 2 comments

Japa Kusuma 

Let there be blood
Let there be a drop of unicell
Let there be an unhappy
droplet of soul…
Oozing of life
Clotting of tears with a fragrance
of sparkling eyes!


But, my mother can do
My mother only

My nature! Feels a chanting of

Japa Kusuma Sankasam
Kashya peyum mahadyuthim


[Japa Kusuma Sankasam /  Kashya peyum mahadyuthim …
—  pray to the Sun, who creates a day, destroys all sin, the darkness, who is supremely brilliant…]

Kousik Guria

Kousik Guria

Kousik Guria is a  Poet-Translator-Feature writer and penned three Bengali poetry books, ‘Vebe Lekha kobita’ and ‘ChoddmoPronoy  ModdhoGhum Aar ShobdoJapon’ in 2009, ‘SangsaarBrittye Lekha’  in 2015. He is the editor of  ‘Little Magaziner Ontoray-1’ (2017) and a book of statistical analysis on new generation Bengali poetry namely ‘Notun Kobitar Sohoj Gonit’ in 2019



    Kousik Guria is brilliantly engaged in poetry and other literary forms.He edits a news and views magazine Robibar in the District of Murshidabad is of exceptional sort.His writings make a special signature of sarcasm,wit together with underneath meaning in content

  2. Sarmistha Das

    I like the poetry Japa Kusum poetry very much.Every and each line seems beautiful to me.The Surya Namaskar Mantra is very nicely explained through the poem of Koshik Guria.The poem is really beautiful.I go through the poem very often.


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