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Dancing Shiva and Other Poems – Sarika Jaswani

Dec 3, 2021 | Poetry | 0 comments

Dancing Shiva



I’m dust re-settling


On shifting sands

When chinook of your memories halts


A wave less eternity of stillness-

In thousand hands of a dancing Shiva


Fogging strum and drang of your absence

Furrowed as ripples on my every dune & dyke




Neath a blue umbrella

I’m a clammed lake

Plumping down at the foot of the sea


Seagulling the wavy upheavals and

Livid tumult frothing its stormy depths


Lucently I gather only the quiet tranquil

Of the sky

Salt away all the angst in the belly of my deep





I melt in wax of our poetry

Enkindled in crimson flame of words


In balmy amber warmth lay

Bits of me and crumbs of you scattered


As jasmine musk’s of our shapes

Softly fades in our starry stares

And dewy sighs


Last of dusky ether

Will have soaked and lushed our names




August of your absence

First chill of sullen night

Runs to the bones


I flail bedcover of reminiscences

Lint of your hearts and flowers resettles


Today I reach for closet of cuddles and cosset

For today I want to sleep in quilted comfort of your snug memories




U n c o I l

Your violets   your lavenders

Your waning twilight


B a s k

In glory of sandalwood oils

Covet in craves of golden limbs


As shallow curves

Slide in fervent swells


S o a k e d

We light our world in attar warmth

Of our undoing



Doctor by profession. Sarika Jaswani is a Crochet Artist, Art Tutor Writer of Children’s Stories. Philanthropist. Poet. Published. Passionately reads & writes poetry. Art Lover. Bird lover. Dreamer and blogger. Her poems run on theme of love, reflection and philosophy of life.


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