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Confession & Other Poems— Saswati Sanyal

Oct 5, 2023 | Poetry | 0 comments


confession bengali poems

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I was in search of it.
It’s smell brought me here….

The stairs are coiled like a snake.
The lamp had not been lit at the shade
this mediocre darkness burns my eyes
the echo thunders
who is there? Please respond

I’m a dumb slave. Hide my torn tongue
and sit in front of my own Mummy, Pharaoh!

Jesus and me


I control myself from not committing suicide
I don’t pick up a pin or the beloved axe
yet my head drops towards the silence,
at the waterfall…

I will not commit suicide
have not seen a film since ages
my sickness hidden behind the screen
what if it erodes with the bang of breadth

a river centric civilization
develops habitats in the structure of it’s relations.

In the dark I feel as if
all the nights are of Bethlehem

I alone write the story of the crucifixion.

Few words about the missing


Some people have gone missing while traveling in the hills
some girls have drowned while swimming in the sea
like every year at the Kenduli fair
some have lost their shoes,
some their friends

Our evenings in the city have been stolen too
seduced by the cool coffee shops and
poetry fests

luckily there are no known faces in the night bus
luckily no one here wants to know my surname

officer, please tell me,
for how many days can one survive
without an identity proof?

I am like one of them
who couldn’t memorize their Andhar number…

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Saswati Sanyal

Saswati Sanyal

Saswati Sanyal is a poet and journalist originally from Andul, Howrah. She holds a Master’s degree in Bengali literature and linguistics from the University of Calcutta. She embarked on a career as a journalist, writer, and editor. She began publishing her poems in 2012 and has contributed to various Bengali literary magazines all over West Bengal. She has already published three poetry collections and received the Paschimbanga Bangla Academy award in 2020 as the young poet of the year for her second book, ‘ব্রেইলে লেখা বিভ্রান্তিসমূহ’. Her next book, ‘Care of Shyamotoru Lane,’ also received a positive response from readers. Apart from writing, she loves gardening and cherishes the dream of traveling around the world as a solo traveler. A jungle enthusiast, she also feeds her addiction to wildlife photography.

Owshnik Ghosh

Owshnik Ghosh

Owshnik Ghosh completed his masters in Comparative Indian Language and Literature from The University of Calcutta in 2022. He is engaged in a number of translation projects. He is a bilingual writer and his works are published regularly in literary journals. At present he is pursuing a course in ‘Translation in practice’ at Jadavpur University. His dream is to see a world without all kinds of boundaries and dedicates all his works to that dream.


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