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Let’s all remember that more and more poetry gets lost without earnest attempts at translation.Read poetry here to get a glimpse of the rhythms and resonances of languages you don’t know.

Tamed— A Malayalam Poem by Sujeesh

Dec 7, 2022 | Poetry | 0 comments

Translated from the Malayalam by Nithya Mariam John 


After each resettling
those which didn’t fit in,
were discarded.

Now, what remains with me
after moving from place to place,
are things that befit any house.

This clock of mine
can beat like the heart of
any house,

this bed
may sprawl across
any room,

the almirahs
stand by themselves
unsupported by a wall,

the curtains
can be eyelids
to any window,

the unbending chairs
can plant down firm feet
on any floor.

The leftovers
are detached objects
which suit
any house.

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Sujeesh’s first full-length volume of poetry, Veyilum Nizhalum Mattu Kavithakalum was published by Notion Press in 2022. He is also the author of the chapbook, Ezhuthumpuram (Essays on poetry) and Lokakavitha: Onnam Pusthakam (Poetry translation). His poems have been translated into English, Tamil, and Kannada. He lives in Cochin.

Nithya Mariam John is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet and translator from Kerala, India. Apart from the published three short collections of poems, her scribblings are housed in Sahitya Akademi’s Indian Literature, The Alipore Post, Borderless, Gulmohar quarterly, Hyderabad Literature Festival-Khabar, Muse India, The Samyuktha Poetry, Malayalam Literature Survey, Ink-Kochi, Usawa Literary Review, Sanglap, DoubleSpeak, Last Leaves, Qissa and Muddy River Review. Her poems have been translated and published in Odiya. A few have been translated into Malayalam and Tamil. She has translated writers including Unni R, Shahina E K, Anju Sajith, and Gracy into English. She is currently finishing off the translation of Annie Vallikkappen’s novel Kavalkkari into English and working on a collection of stories in translation. When not writing, weaving on the loom, or experimenting with pottery, she loves to converse on life, art, and literature with her students at BCM College for Women, Kerala, India.


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