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A Metonymy For Life— Debarati Sen

Aug 14, 2022 | Poetry | 2 comments

Luminescent sobriquets,
nuances and innuendos,
Oleander dreams,
a morsel of leftover words
decoding syntax and semantics!
Taxonomy of hysteria,
transferred epithets,
shifted proxemics
blurring the gap between space and dimension.
Peeping from behind translucent ballads
are hurricane rhymes
trying to carve a niche
within a heartfelt epistle.
Noctilucent clouds on summer skies.
Splurged with meta-communication midst graphic metaphors.
Dangling dreams from distant corridors on sordid noons.
table fan,
Ma’s flowing hair,
fish bones on aluminum plates,
the smell of egg curry in my fingers.
Baba’s sweaty shirt smelled of his toils.
Thamma’s broken wooden chair!
Spring evenings
and an ivory reticence
wrapped within an empiricist sheet!
A metonymy for life
climbing down the spiral staircase of remembrance,
wearing a galvanized smile!

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Debarati Sen works at Presidency University, Kolkata as a Junior Assistant. Her debut poetry book called Blurred Musings has recently been published. Recipient of the Tagore Award 2022 and the Sylvia Plath Women’s Literary Award, Debarati finds emancipation in her poetry. She has co-authored more than 15 anthologies and is recently compiling her first anthology as a compiler with the Quill House Publishers. Her poems have found shelter in prestigious websites like The Yugen Quest Review, Lapis Lazuli, and The Das Literarisch, to name a few.


  1. J H

    Absolutely beautiful, gorgeous! Poetry with heart.

    • Debarati Sen

      Thank you.


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