A Review of ‘The Grace of My Home’ by Julio Monteiro Martins— Amanita Sen and Barid Baran

Dec 16, 2023 | Bookworm | 0 comments

The Grace of my home cover

The Grace of My Home

Julio Monteiro Martins
Translated from the Italian by Donald Stang and Helen Wickes
Published by The Antonym Collections
First Edition, 2023
Hard Cover
#Pages 136
ISBN 139788196395926







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Amanita Sen is the author of two volumes of poetry in English“Candle in my dream” and “What I don’t tell you “. She has been published in numerous journals, both print and online.

Barid Baran was a journalist for over 30 years in Delhi and has been privy to some of life’s most critical trials and tribulations during this time. He is also an international Indo-anglian poet whose work has featured in anthologies abroad. Disruptive in ardour and styled with blank verse, his poetry is inspired by Dadaism. He likes to describe himself as an ordinary man parked diagonally in a parallel world.


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