Vincent Soundaram


Prof. S. Vincent who hails from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, is a writer, literary
critic and translator. He translated from Tamil to English and from English to
He has written four books for youngsters and one for elders. He has also
authored textbooks in Spoken English and teaching of English.
Among his four books of criticism in Tamil are an Introduction to Edgar Alan Poe
and essays on literary theories.
He has translated more than thirty books from Tamil to English including Rachel
Carson’s The Silent Spring, Kafka’s Metamorphosis and other stories and
Easterine Kire’s Bitter Wormwood
He has translated more than ten books from Tamil to English. Specific mention
must be made of The History of Prathaba Mudaliar, the first novel in Tamil and an
anthology of short stories translated from Tamil to English, Love Longing and
Little Things, a recent Publication of Antonym.
Mr. Vincent has received many awards including Dr. Mohan Trust Lifetime
Achievement Award and Nalli Kuppusami Chetty Thisayettum Lifetime
Achievement Award .

Some of his work