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The Last Timesmith

Dec 1, 2023 | Bookshelf | 0 comments

The Last Timesmith - 2nd Edition_ANTONYMStep into a forbidden world without Time in “The Last Timesmith.” Join the rebel protagonist on a thrilling journey to liberate society from oppressive darkness. With the enigmatic Timepiece as their beacon of hope, experience an electrifying adventure that tests resolves, and challenges the essence of time itself. Don’t miss this spellbinding dystopian tale filled with heart-pounding twists and the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Choose liberation or succumb to a different destiny in “The Last Timesmith.”

Paperback | Kindle | International
Price: ₹450 | ₹246 | $9.99
ISBN: 979-8391526025

Dipen Bhattacharya

Dipen Bhattacharya

Dipen Bhattacharya was raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and now resides in Southern California. To date, he has published six works of fiction in Bengali: three novels and three short-story collections. The social dynamics of imagined future societies—interwoven with scientific principles—feature in his work, often set in Bengal. Dipen holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics.


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