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The Red Horse – Sourav Hossain

Translated from the Bengali by Shamita Das Dasgupta. One The instant the elder owner flicked his whip on my back and barked out the command, “Let’s go, Shahzada,”[i] I’d neigh and run like a TomTom.[ii] My hooves bit into the...

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The Progenitor – Zakir Talukder

Translated from the Bengali by Masrufa Ayesha Nusrat Shortlisted for the Tagore Award for translated fiction from Bengali   Whenever he stood in front of a school or watched a trail of school-going boys, he was reminded of...

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Tale of a Christmas Day – Tanwi Haldar

Translated from the Bengali by Archi Chakraborty I am—I mean my name is Swarna Ghosal. My husband left for his office yesterday, that is, on 24th December and has not returned yet. He said he’ll take us to the zoo today....

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Amenhotep’s Time – Dipen Bhattacharya

Translated from the original Bengali by Dipen Bhattacharya and Lisa Conyers. The sun was setting; the arches of the temple of the Empress Hatsepsut began to disappear into the darkness. My hands were red after hammering away the...

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The Deed of Acquittance – Ishrat Tania

Ishrat Tania is a poet and writer from Bangladesh. Her literary work revolves around perceptions and thoughts about human relations, despair, dreams, nature, transcendence, society and politics. Her published books in Bengali include Nemeche Ichche Niribili (2016), Beejpurush (2018), Mad Ek Swarnava Shishir (2020), Alaper Amphitheater (2020).

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