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Tag: Assamese fiction

The Beauty Parlor – Arupa Patangia Kalita

Translated from the Assamese by Ranjita Biswas Eva. Short, rather meaningless, a name given without much thought. The person who bears this name does not have anything to set her apart from the milieu. She is one among the...

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Blindness – Prasanta Kumar Das

Translated from the Assamese by Anindita Kar In the beginning, was the music, and the music was with God, and the music was God. Among the handful of people who managed to arrive at this barren desert located in the far West,...

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Endless – Manoj Kumar Goswami

Translated from the Assamese by Ranjita Biswas. “Haraprasad, give me a packet of cigarette”Once a week Anadi buys a packet of cigarette from this corner stall selling paan of areca nut wrapped in betel leaf, and other...

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Immersion – Arupa Patangia Kalita

We spent our working lives in a hill town.  It was only last year when we commenced our careers we bade goodbye to the highlands.  We lived joyfully, in a little house that we built on a small hillock in this lush green land. ...

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