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Raghunandan’s Death Report— Soham Das

TRANSLATED FROM THE BENGALI BY AMITAVA SEN Raghunandan died, defeating the hour-long effort of the doctors of the district hospital. Naturally, the post-mortem followed. Surgeons retrieved about two and a half kilograms of shit from his rectum. They could come to the...

The Monitor Lizard— Uday Prakash

TRANSLATED FROM THE HINDI BY AYUSHEE ARORA   This incident relates to my Father. It also relates to my dreams, the city and the innate fear of the city as well.  My Father was fifty-five years old at that time, with a frail, thin body. His hair was completely...

The Lane— Chitra Mudgal

TRANSLATED FROM THE HINDI BY RITUPARNA MUKHERJEE   It was an afternoon at Connaught Place. Filled with the middling populace of June.  The two of us, a writer couple, came out of the Indian Coffee house after a cup of coffee and asked the paan-seller near Regal...

Our Home— Chandra Kishore Jaiswal

TRANSLATED FROM THE HINDI BY ANURADHA DOSAD   One night, the son of a poor man experienced a delightful dream that lingered in his heart long after he awoke. Brimming with joy, he eagerly shared his dream with his father, saying, "Father, in my dream last night,...


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