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Tag: Marzia Rahaman

The Abandoned House – Marzia Rahman

Every house has chests. Secrets folded under the stacks of silks and starched cotton. Some houses evoke fairytales. Roses and marigolds swaying in the front yard, giggling child on a swing. Some, on the other hand, look as if...

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Malti – Marzia Rahman

My name is Malti. I was named after a flower, my grandmother told me, but she couldn’t tell my birthyear. She only remembered that it was the month of Sraban, the courtyard was filled with water, and our neighbor, Lala Miah’s...

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My Naughty Monkeys – Marzia Rahman

I’d secret names for the men I went out with. Animal names. No, it’s not offensive. It’s scientific. It’s ingenious and poetic too.Don’t humans share a common ape ancestor with chimpanzees? Don’t all men display certain animal...

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