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Suprabhat Bhaduri (The Antonym Artist of the Month September 2021) in conversation with Tapas Ray

Suprabhat Bhaduri, a contemporary Kolkata painter, mainly works in acrylic is The Antonym’s artist of the month 

Poems by Allison Cundiff

I’ve seen old timers wrap their hives before a storm
with old tarp, drop cloths, one even pulled a blanket, hand-stitched
by a silent wife. He lifts it from the cab of his pickup,
the door groaning, and I think, that’s the kind of love I want.

Samantha and Siddhesh – A Short Fiction by Trishna Basak

How strange! It was Bonnie who had sent Samantha. No one understands Siddhesh as well as her. But did Bonnie’s nostrils ever spread when he caressed her? Did her nipples ever change color? Did her navel ever tremble with hushed anticipation? Samantha experiences all these. She plays copybook cricket. Siddhesh can press the remote and let her know the level of pleasure he requires.

Arabic Poems in Translation – Will Pewitt

I found you in the abyss
            of these men.
And I liberated my desperate body
            as their greed devoured it.
So this husk you hold is not me
            but from me,
and the lover of its heart
            is the heart of the sky.

Every Shoe Tells its Own Story – Gonca Özmen

Shoes: two prisoners sharing the same fate.
The child shares the joy of walking with their shoes on, taking the first step into the street, the first step into that different world in them. They protect those tiny feet from cold, dust, mud and from cuts. How indispensable they are, these singular witnesses of each of our adventures. In truth, we can’t really do without them. Yes, we can fare into the street with no watch, earrings, bracelet or hat but never without shoes!

Poems by Barbara Serdakowski

Trails of rampant insects
and pied pipers with their heads turned away
to not see
to not carry out
the megaphoned promises
between branches of communicating trees
all now hanging from laces
like shoes
on street lighting wires

Riding the Murchang Notes: Rendezvous with Folk Poet, Musician and Spiritualist Ikaro Valderrama

Modhura Banerjee in conversation with Columbian poet and singer Ikaro Vanderrama

Our Journey on Translation and the Next Step with the Tagore Award on Translated Fiction

Since our inception last year, we at The Antonym have been attempting to understand and highlight literary works in translation without which much of our connection to the literature outside our native linguistic circle would remain inaccessible to uS.

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