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“After the End, Before the Beginning” : Weighing the “Ghost Condensate” with Andrew Joron

Andrew Joron started writing science fiction and then expanded his scope to include innovative techniques in poetry. Joron’s later poetry, combining scientific and philosophical ideas with the sonic properties of language, has been compared to the work of the Russian Futurist Velimir Khlebnikov. Andrew has taught at the UC Santa Cruz and been a visiting writer at many colleges and universities.

The Antonym Artist of the Month (October 2021) Kim Shuck in conversation with Modhura Banerjee

Kim Shuck is a poet, educator and visual artist. She holds dual citizenship from the United States and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. She was the 7th Poet Laureate of San Francisco, where she continues to organize poetry and art events.

Two Poems from “835 Lines” by Nazım Hikmet

Horsemen horsemen red horsemen,
their horses wingéd in wind! 
their horses wingéd in...
their horses wingéd...

their horses...


Radha-Krishna – A Short Fiction by Swapnamoy Chakraborty

I enquire, “What does Radha do?”
“Cleans garbage.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean gutter. Filth. Cesspit.”
“Will she be able to bear your medical expenses?”
“How can she? She can’t feed herself enough.”

Poems by Saroj Bal

I called him in and inside
my ill-organised memories
were writing their autobiographies.
At that time I was looking
for the fish who had jumped off
their happy aquarium.

The river sat on a plastic chair.

Four Short Stories about Growing Sad – Adrian Bravi

“Come on Elvira, you filthy old lady,” Mad Maria would say, “why don’t offer me something? Don’t be a bastard, come on, you motherfucker!”
“Stop insulting me, Elsa, or else I won’t give you anything. What is it you want today?”
“Some mate and biscuits, give me some mate with biscuits, I’m not asking you for the moon.”

Gestures Of The Latin American Poetry – Kenia Cano

Kenia Cano now lives in Cuernavaca. Some of her poetry books are Prayer of birds, The birds of this day (Carlos Pellicer Ibero-American Poetry Prize); An animal for the eyes and Diary of uncomfortable poems, the latter published by the Editorial Fund of the Autonomous University of Querétaro in 2017.

The Antonym November Creative Non Fiction Contest

The Antonym invites nonfiction writers to enter the November Creative Nonfiction Contest , for which USD 50 will be awarded to the winning submission.

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