From the Editor’s Desk

Reading books is the most personal pastime that human kind has yet devised.  In this  one activity one can be an amateur, unburdened by any kind of evaluation. Reading allows us humans to be as free as we are capable of being.   Sarah J. Mass once said – I can survive well enough on my own—if given the proper reading material.

What is proper for one, may not be suitable for someone else though. The reader can choose any content, or stop before finishing a story and if she so chooses start another one instead. The reader may laugh at something that we considered serious and ignore the most important contents that the magazine tried to share.

Putting together the right content is never an easy task. The Editorial team at The Antonym made every effort to bring literary content from diverse languages and created yet another issue that boasts of distinct Asian flavor yet powerful enough to pique global literary interest.

Enjoy reading.
Team Antonym