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Tagore Award 2021

“Windows”: Pondering collaborative translation of Julio Monteiro Martins with Donald Stang and Helen Wickes

Julio Monteiro Martins, a prominent writer and cultural figure in Brazil who lived in Italy for a good part of his life and wrote in Italian is translated into English by Donald Stang and Helen Wickes who live in California. A truly global connection and interesting yet candid peek into their process of translation. 

Poems by Ikaro Valderrama

Íkaro Valderrama Ortiz is a singer, writer, philosopher, editor, and producer born in Sogamoso, Colombia. Poems are translated by Colombian translator Santiago Ospina Celis.

On the altar of jaguars
an angel offered me its body,
its animal flesh without a shadow.
I told it: “Dust you are, Sun you will become,
and the guts ruling my certainty
shall give you shelter. Come inside me, weird creature,
and rejoice!

Poems by Chandramohan S.

Chandramohan S  is an  Indian English Dalit poet and literary critic based in Trivandrum, Kerala.

The language we speak now
Once had no fences;
Aggravated trespassing
Has rendered it barren.
At the frontiers of my language,
Deployed with insidious intent, sits
A domesticated, formerly stray
Watchdog, its bark worse than its bite,
But tethered well out of harm’s way.

Poems by Aurélien Hannoyer

Aurélien “Al” Hannoyer has written two novels, several short stories and some poetry. He now lives in Paris.

Arise New York, arise, as you know how to do,
You are a paragon, always been on your own,
Like the moon at the dusk, like the sun at the dawn,
You’re always moving on, after things you’ve been through,

The Lie of the First Family – A Short Fiction by Peter Ngila Njeri

 Peter Ngila Njeri is a writer based out of Kenya and brings an unmistakably distinct flavor to his short stories.

The Lie of the First Family was somewhat inspired by a 19th century legend featuring the Lie, the Truth, and the World. In 1896, French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme did a painting titled, Truth Getting Out of Her Well – which could be attributed to a saying by Democritus, the ancient Greek philosopher.


Cat-eyed Poet – A Collaborative Montage by Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés and Sohini Ghose

A collage by Sohini Ghose, an Indian immigrant in the US, inspired by a flash fiction from Cecilia Rodríguez Milanés of Cuban descent, based out of Florida.

Hamnet: The Forgotten Life of a Famous Name

A book review by Malini Dutta who opined –

The intersection of diligent research and consummate artistry to recreate a bygone era with authenticity, while creating a compelling story, is the measure of success for the historical novelist.

Artist of the Month, Jithinlal n r

Jithinlal n r is an artist and an illustrator based in Kochi, Kerala. While growing up, his correspondence with Art was nonexistent. As a blank canvas is often confused and seeks paints to unfurl its potentials, Jithin’s confused identity started to find an expression in Art.

Tagore Award for Translated Fiction from Bengali

Open call for submission for the 2021 competition, $1500 in prizes

The Antonym magazine is proud to announce its 2021 Translation award from Bengali in the name of Tagore who continues to inspire all Indian in general, Bengalis in particular.

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