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Marco Polo Travels : 2020 – Amar Mitra

One of them had started for Venice, Italy. Marco Polo, the wanderer, on his way back to Venice, had arrived in a new country. So began this world-travelogue.

Parables of Pandemic – Romel Rahman

One day, a virus-infected patient came to the buffalo in the middle of the night. Hugging the beast, he started wailing. He begged the buffalo to take his disease.

Blue (The Night We Died of Plague) – Giuseppe A. Samona

All dishevelled, she comes through the woods along the path joining her house to ours, brandishing a newspaper and shouting, cholera! cholera! And indeed the front page announces three or four cases in Naples, maybe even ten – along with mussels, vibrio bacteria, panic.

Stories of Accidental Thought. Pandemic Chapter – Carla Faesler

Teodoro Adorno said, when speaking of social movement, that when it is fulfilled and in the face of failure of its expectations, the social group experiences the unexpected as “not knowing what to do.”

Poems of Mario Meléndez

Memories of the Future

My sister awoke me very early
that morning and said to me
“Get up, you have to come and see this
the sea has been filled with stars”

Poems of Dotty LeMieux

Sunflowers, Rain and the Plague

On the hutch
in front of my window
sunflowers slow dance
gaze through newly rain-washed
panes, moving together
in the artful confines
of their hand-blown
glass vase

Poems of Yan Li

Cry Out

Cry out to heaven and earth
Cry out to father and mother
Cry out to sons and daughters
To brothers and sisters, younger and older
Cry out for rescue…

Ramesh Aundhkar’s Unique Compositions in the Time of Pandemic – Tapas K Ray

I need to wear masks when you are near me. Both of us were wearing masks throughout. We did not realize. The pandemic made us see them. The masks are visible now as my lines draw the patterns.

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