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Tagore Award 2021

Submissions Open Now

Move the Margins : Conversation with Chandramohan S

Chandramohan S is one of India’s brightest emerging poetic voices. Identifying himself as a Dalit poet and literary critic based in Trivandrum, his accolades include a shortlist for Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize 2016.  He also was awarded a fellowship at the International Writing Program (IWP-2018) at the University of Iowa.

The Shawl – A Short Fiction by Ansar Uddin

Battle of Karbala, Euphrates River! That’s the history of the Middle Ages. The bloodsoaked skirmish of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad, with Aejid, the son of Moariya, the ruler of Damascus. That is the war at the heart of Muharram.

If – A Short Fiction by Allison Whittenberg

That answer made her beaming totally cease. The tendons stood out in her neck. She took on a tone of high seriousness.  I wanted to tell her right then, give up. Surrender. Quit trying to introduce us to ideas.

Poems by Jayashree Kamble

Blue wave o’er wave of mourners flowed to the sea,
flooding the streets of Bombay with their tears.

Poems by Brian C. Potts

Summer is the best.
All other seasons prepare for or recover from summer.
Like loading your car with towels, plastic shovels, sunscreen, and coolers
And then unloading all that and a film of sand.

Firebird’s Last Flight – Poem by Katya de Becerra

I will take you to the ruins of Oldtown
Atop that forest-capped mountain
Where stone set roots to earth
Where women once sang magic into air
And turned leaves into birds and shed tears into wine.

Icarus, Icarus – An Insightful Article by David Capps

One can only ever learn from myth by living it, which means that the myth of Icarus presents a double mystery: the first is that Icarus, unlike Lucifer, does not survive his fall, and second is that poetic treatments of the subject are already hopelessly distanced from it—so much the worse for any poetic ekphrastic treatment of the myth. 

Beloved – Poem by Kamil Czyz

Each evening mother would sit on the side of
the bed. Her dry hands hovered over your temples like insects,
cold and alien and with your own eyes you saw
frog turning into a prince, a mouthful of
cigarette smoke disappearing into thin air with a
a fairy tale.

Tagore Award for Translated Fiction from Bengali

The Submission is open now. 

Open call for submission for the 2021 competition, $1500 in prizes

The Antonym magazine is proud to announce its 2021 Translation award from Bengali in the name of Tagore who continues to inspire all Indian in general, Bengalis in particular.

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