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Tagore Award 2021

Submissions Open Now

“A basket full of God’s bones” and the “Strange Art“of Translation

Bishnupriya Chowdhuri In conversation with Chillian poet Mario Melendez and his translator Jeremy Paden

The Tamarind Tree – A Short Fiction by Shyamal Gangopadhyay

At the Chakbere More the bus turned towards Chandaneshwar Bazaar, and continued towards Bhangar. The four wheeled swan sped across the slender road flanked by paddy fields. Khirode Pakrashi left the main road and climbed up the one by the canal, walking briskly, still holding the rolled up bus ticket in his hand. He has to cross the Bidyadhori marshes to reach Garanbere, and gather the men by noon.

Poems by Gökçenur Ç

A cloud melds into the dark
A horse mounts the rain
A bank puts up its shutters
As I change the words of the song
A mountain mumbles in its sleep
A wolf runs along the train line

Insomnia – A Short Fiction by Charity Morris

Insomnia. Diana had battled the beast before, but it seemed to be a nightly visitor recently – a more regular lover than she’d ever had in her modest lifetime. Jim had come to bed around midnight, up late finishing a report for work. The man barely slept, but these days even he’d felt the pressure to cut his typical five hours to four to satisfy the men who signed his paychecks.

Poems by Helen Meneilly

I tease a thread of skin from my bit lip and hang
my eyes on the moon instead. A bone shaving
suspended, unsure
if it’s waxing or waning.

Memories of Displacement – A Panel Discussion

A panel discussion on refugee literature with Bengali novelist Swapnomoy Chakraborty and Turkish writer and activist Nazli Karabiyikoglu. The discussion is hosted by Indrani Roy.

Torn - A Story told by Ahona Dam

Partition, an indeliable experience for Bengal, brings the memories through the voice of new generation, reliving the pain and separation from the distant past

Poems by Mario Meléndez

I saw Marilyn Monroe suckling her shadow
her breasts were sad
& her nightgown was a straightjacket
She had tatooed on her back a revelation
God was also my lover

Cesare Oliva (The Antonym Artist of the Month July 2021) in conversation with Atrayee Guha

Being true to this idea, Oliva has dedicated himself to the study of philosophy, science, and humanity through his art. As a curious observer of the world he lives in, Oliva has produced his newest collection, The Pandemic Circle, few of which adorns The Antonym cover this month.

Tagore Award for Translated Fiction from Bengali

The Submission is open now. 

Open call for submission for the 2021 competition, $1500 in prizes

The Antonym magazine is proud to announce its 2021 Translation award from Bengali in the name of Tagore who continues to inspire all Indian in general, Bengalis in particular.

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