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Tagore Award for Translated Fiction (from Bengali),2021 – Announcement

The Antonym instituted the Tagore Award for Translated fiction from Bengali in 2021. We received good response from Bengalis all over the world and after a two step process , we have arrived at the final outcome. For more details and result, visit  the announcement page.

Then, as I Kept Going – A Short Fiction by Shahaduz Zaman

The Antonym instituted the Tagore Award for translated fiction from Bengali in 2021. There was great response to the call for submission and through a two step process finally we arrived at tlhe winning entries. Here is the story that came first in the inaugural season of the Tagore Award for translated fiction –  Then as I Kept Going , written by Shahaduz Zaman, translated by Noora Shamsi Bahar

Cat’s Schrodinger – A Short Fiction by Pravin Vemuri

I’m a cat. I’m not a cat. Am an un-cat. Am a cat and then some.
Ever since I was let out of the box, this is what I’ve been. I can vanish. Then come back. At random. But also, at will.
Meanwhile, the man who put me in the box was always there. Hanging about the house. Moping about the house. No changes of state. No shifts of shape. Just there. I called him Schrö.

A Cloudless Night, an Eclipsed Moon – A Short Fiction by Papree Rahman

At the end of the month of Magh, the sky flooded in celebration. Spring waited at the threshold. The old leaves fell continuously from the trees; the fragrance of flowers wafted in the air. I became different in some way. Right before dawn. No, not dawn actually. Perhaps even earlier than that, the nim bird warbled the hour. Was it the nim bird’s fault or mine? I don’t know exactly. But somehow, I was benumbed by the nim bird’s call.

The Antonym Artist of the Month (October 2021) Kim Shuck in conversation with Modhura Banerjee

Kim Shuck is a poet, educator and visual artist. She holds dual citizenship from the United States and the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. She was the 7th Poet Laureate of San Francisco, where she continues to organize poetry and art events.

Poems by Amanda Shaw

I want to take the colors
And tear apart the canvas
From the inside.
All I see is black.
The roiling tide
Needs somewhere to go.
I thought this was better
But time is not a healer.
And I am a fool.

Poems by Sangram Jena

Is the story of the night
different? At night one hears
The many echoes of a warm desire.
Everywhere is the light
of attachments, the dark smoke
of loneliness, the sound of the feet,
and the body’s voices.

The Antonym November Creative Non Fiction Contest

The Antonym invites nonfiction writers to enter the November Creative Nonfiction Contest , for which USD 50 will be awarded to the winning submission.
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